The Human-Being as Phenomenon

What is man that thou art mindful of him………? The author answered his own question saying, "For he is fearfully and wonderfully made…"

What we observe as the human being in its physical state does not inform us of the process of its becoming. Essence and consciousness are not immediately or, most often, not considered. That which constitutes the human gestalt is a wholeness that rests behind the common view. My belief in this wholeness as phenomenon is the major influence on my practice philosophy.

The human being as a fertilized egg is an organism, not just a biological substrate. Every person participates as a coherent whole interacting with its environment during and beyond the so called embryonic period. It is important to know that DNA reacts to the conservation principle of the embryo. The emerging truth is that the traditional anatomy and physiology must be interwoven with early prenatal patterns and the resulting template created to fully understand all aspects of individual health and well being.

Embryonic behavior projects its primordial function into form and is the anatomy, physiology and psyche of the human being. The earliest of human development continues its transcendent role in the mediation of health and disease throughout the lifespan. The human being is phenomenon


IN-RESONANCE as a name for my practice attempts to describe how healthy consciousness-spirit-mind-body-matter is expressed. In my practice, I wholeheartedly embrace a keen regard for the potential of our self healing agency to manifest its wonder when its expression is respected. I base my practice on well developed healing principles that I have studied over the years and on the cutting edge exploration in the fields of physics, embryology and consciousness that presently intrigue me.

IN-RESONANCE is steeped in the richness of Bio-dynamic Cranial Therapy, Ayurveda, Dynamic Morphology, Anthroposophic Medicine, Core Process Psychotherapy and a knowledge of the science of mind. The harmonic synthesis of these and now the Polyvagal Theory of Dr. Stephen Porges render this engagement a work in progress. It is ever unfolding like the potency it acknowledges.

Treatment sessions focus on sensing resonance, which is found within the domain of vibrational medicine. The subtle vibratory impulses that are emitted by the forces transmuting through fluids in the body of both therapist and patient become available for assessment through words, touch and participation. Thus an enquiring relationship develops and from this place of invitation, a dynamic interaction begins. This experience of being ''held'' results in oscillatory motion, diverse wave size and amplitude which delivers a coherent or incoherent mix as the body mind system searches for independence, equilibrium and clarity in its environment.

Stillness, depth and neutrality weigh in heavily on the side of reaching harmony and reorganization as Resonance with Potency, The Breath Of Life. My role as therapist includes facilitating and at times directing this activity appropriately.