Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is a typical treatment like for an adult and how long does it last?
A. An adult treatement can last from forty-five minutes to an hour.Additional time is allowed for questions and answers as well as suggestions for after visit care.This treatement requires no disrobing. Clients lie supported on a table while gentle palpatory hands are placed beneath or along the body. This practioner works mostly in silence but questions and some dialogue do occur as needed. Before the session starts clients are invited to discuss the issues at hand as they see it.

Q. What is a typical treatement like for a baby/child and how could we prepare it?
A. Please be sure to tell him/her permission. Bring a favorite book,toy or use the ones in my office. Provide assurance that you or the caregivers will always be present and that he/she can sit in their lap during the treatement. Patricia will softly touch the feet,back or shoulders. If, necessary he or she is allowed to interrupt the session to move about within reason.Additionally he/she can get a nice foot massage at the end.(Tell him/her that patricia has cool lights in her office.) As for the infants, bring diapers and a feeding,milk from the breasts works every time.

Q. Do you sell or promote any products such as vitamin supplements etc?
A.I do recommend certain products,oils as well as some food supplements based on Ayurvedic and Anthroposohic medicine.

Q.What type of follow-up do you recommend outside of your practice that will improve my health?
A.I work closely with other healthcare practitioners. Some people find me by way of their medical doctors,lactation specialists,bodyworkers and other therapists.I am a family nurse practitioner and will refer to other medical practioners or the emergency room if indicated.I value test reports since they can collaborate or clarify my own findings.Yoga,meditation,pranayam, pilates/exercise,lifestyle and dietary management are included in follow up care instructions.

Q. Do you take insurance?
A. Unfortunately no.However,I do issue the insurance document needed for reimbursement.